FSEM 131


Welcome to the First-Year Seminar (FSEM 131) Gallery!

In FSEM 131: From Paintings to Pixels, first-year students learned how to write programs in Processing. This course has been offered during Fall 2018 and Fall 2016 at Colgate University. Check the catalog desciption and our course schedule for more details.

The results presented here were produced by students in the course as part of their coding projects.

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to gain access to the gallery of the works all the students created for the project, coding in Processing

Fall 2018

Composition: using hard-coded function calls and loops
Project 1 specifications

Animated Composition: coding functions, animations and interactions
Project 2 specifications

Fall 2016

Composition: using hard-coded function calls
A1 specifications

Composition with patterns: using variables, loops and random
A2 specifications

Spring 2014

I developed this course concept, learning programming through art, at Mount Holyoke College. In 2014, I designed CS100, an Intro to CS course for non-major students.
Check their gallery too.

Thank you to all the students who contributed to the gallery!